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Mission Investors Exchange 2014 National Conference


Upcoming events on Impact Investing.
09.22.14 SEEP Annual Conference
The SEEP Network’s 2014 Annual Conference will be held in Arlington, VA, and serve as a platform to promote learning and exchange around proven and emerging approaches, strategies and models for reaching substantial numbers of poor and vulnerable populations on a sustainable basis. The conference will explore scalable solutions that involve inclusive business models, private sector partnerships, technology applications, and new investment and financing models.
09.24.14 PRI in Person 2014
This is an annual global responsible investment conference, and this year's topics will include debates on fossil fuel divestment, investor tax responsibility, green bonds, fracking, human rights in extractives and executive remuneration – with plenty of peer-to-peer networking and discussion.

On September 23 there will be a side event entitled "Investing for impact and competitive returns - approaches for institutional investors." This event will take place in Montreal, Canada.

10.08.14 The 2014 Global Impact Forum
The Global Impact Forum will be held in Zurich, Switzerland to support the creation of transformative solutions to the world's most pressing social challenges. The forum presents social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to an audience of potential partners. Connections are facilitated by an online system that allows attendees to screen potential partners and pre-arrange one-to-one meetings. Curated presentations and speakers will also be included.
10.13.14 World Investment Forum 2014: Investing in Sustainable Development
The WIF 2014 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations Office housed at the Palais des Nations. It will continue to serve as the global Forum for inclusive dialogue and policy formulation on investment-development needs at the highest level, bringing together investment partners to discuss challenges, opportunities and policy solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Providing a meeting place to shape development solutions, exchange ideas, forge partnerships and launch actions, the WIF 2014 will facilitate engagements and networking through a diversity of high-profile events.

11.03.14 Talking Data: Measurement with a message
The Social Impact Analysts Association‘s (SIAA) 2014 Annual Conference, 'Talking Data: Measurement with a message,' will be held in Toronto on November 3rd – 4th in partnership with Social Asset Measurements and Charity Intelligence Canada. The conference will include workshops, plenaries, interactive activities, and networking.
11.17.14 European Venture Philanthropy Association Conference 2014
This event will bring together hundreds of venture philanthropy and social investment experts and practitioners from Europe and beyond to discuss this year’s theme: ‘Collaborating for Social Impact: the next 10 years’ Themes that will be covered range from crowdfunding to impact measurement and from exits or family philanthropy to government regulations.

This event will take place in Berlin, Germany.