ImpactBase ImpactBase is the online global directory of impact investment vehicles.

ImpactBase is the online global directory of impact investment vehicles. ImpactBase reduces search costs for investors and fund managers and brings transparency to the historically opaque impact investing marketplace.

Fund managers and financial intermediaries increase visibility with individual and institutional investors around the world by creating profiles for their impact investment vehicles. Accredited investors and financial advisors subscribe to ImpactBase to search for and learn about vehicles that match specific impact investment objectives.

Key Features of ImpactBase

  • Free online platform exclusively for accredited investors and financial advisors to explore a comprehensive catalog of impact investment vehicle profiles

  • Powerful search capability across asset classes, impact themes, geographic targets, target returns, and other parameters

  • Customizable tools to bookmark profiles and receive notifications about new profiles

  • Standardized profile template helps subscribers easily compare and contrast funds and products, as well as examine fund manager track record

  • Fund managers and financial intermediaries maintain authorship and control of profile content, ensuring accuracy

    Note: Access to fund and product information on ImpactBase is restricted to accredited investor subscribers.

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ImpactBase for Investors and Advisors

ImpactBase enables accredited investors and advisors to navigate the growing landscape of impact investment vehicles. As subscribers, they can search across impact themes, asset classes, geographies, and other criteria via the online platform. Investors and advisors can accelerate the process of moving from an initial investment strategy to a short list of funds or products ready for due diligence by utilizing the ImpactBase directory and search functions. As of Oct 2013, ImpactBase is being utilized by more than 1,300 accredited investors and advisor subscribers.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced resource, cost, and time requirements to search for impact investment vehicles

  • Single repository of information on a diverse set of impact investment funds across asset classes, impact themes, and geographies

  • Searchable database with multiple tools for identifying and tracking individual profiles based on customizable criteria

  • Consistent profile template enables easy comparison of funds and other investment products

  • Access to monthly briefs highlighting newly added profiles and database trends

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ImpactBase for Fund Managers and Financial Intermediaries

Creating a fund or product profile on ImpactBase provides visibility among a global audience of accredited impact investors and advisors who subscribe to ImpactBase. The funds and products with profiles on ImpactBase make direct investments into impactful enterprises, projects and assets or into other funds and products. As of October 2013, there are nearly 270 fund and product profiles published on ImpactBase.

Key Benefits

  • Exposure to a growing, global audience of accredited investors and financial advisors with diverse impact investing interests

  • Convenient and consistent format for profiling a variety of fund and product types

  • Simple, online interface allowing for full authorship control and the ability to update fund or product profile information as needed

  • Contributing fund managers receive monthly updates through a Fund Manager Brief that features an overview of the characteristics, interest areas, and activities of ImpactBase investor and advisor subscribers

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