Investors Council

Membership Criteria

The Investors' Council is an exclusive forum for dialogue and activities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of impact investing. Because these conversations are most productive when participants share common primary objectives, only principal investors and capitalized investment funds are eligible for membership in the Investors' Council. Members provide an annual contribution to the GIIN, depending on institutional type and size.

The GIIN invites participation in the Investors' Council and evaluates prospective members on a case-by-case basis according to the following criteria:

Institution Type

Priority consideration is given to asset owners that have the capacity to directly deploy their capital into impact investments. The GIIN also considers capitalized asset managers that are already investing in impact sectors. Ideal asset managers are thought leaders in the industry and/or are innovative in areas of product design or investment approaches. Impact investors of both for-profit and nonprofit status are eligible for membership.


Prospective members should have a minimum of USD 50 million in impact investment assets. The GIIN believes the Investors' Council is best positioned to effect significant change in the industry by convening impact investors capable of deploying sizable amounts of capital. On an individual basis, the GIIN may consider membership for impact investors with less than the desired minimum amount in assets. Exceptions may be made if investors are close to the asset threshold; are proven thought leaders and/or innovators; demonstrate exceptional leadership in an area or areas prioritized by the GIIN; are credible advocates for the industry; are leading thinkers/implementers of impact measurement and reporting; and/or have contributed to industry research or policymaking. These criteria ensure that the prospective members can contribute meaningfully to the dialogues, knowledge base, and activities of both the Investors' Council and the broader industry.

Investment Focus

Prospective members must have a demonstrated commitment to, and experience making, investments for social and environmental impact. Areas of focus include renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, affordable housing, microfinance, healthcare, and education, among others. Investors with interests across sectors and geographies represent the best fit for the Investors' Council because they can benefit the most from, and also contribute to, programming that addresses a wide range of topics.

Stage of Investor Development

The Investors' Council is designed for impact investors that are ready to explore new strategies, geographies, or sectors. Through a diverse set of program activities, the Investors' Council helps advance the industry by creating a space for members to jointly examine emerging opportunities, cultivate innovative approaches, and make investments in new impact areas.

Field Building Orientation and Leadership

Prospective members should have a strong interest in the development of the industry, as demonstrated by an interest in the measurement, assessment, and communication of social and environmental impact, as well as a willingness to share knowledge with other Investors' Council members and, when appropriate, the public.

Other Considerations

In addition to the above criteria, the GIIN takes into account the existing membership composition of the Investors' Council when assessing prospective members. The GIIN strives to balance diversity in institution type and investment focus to enrich both the range of perspectives in the Investors' Council programming and the resulting learning with the ability to strengthen focus and depth in certain areas to help advance thought leadership and drive concrete actions among members.

For additional information or to apply to join the Investors' Council, please contact Giselle Leung, Senior Manager of Strategic Engagement.

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